Ampleforth Visitors

21 June 2018

Architect-Led Design Team invited to tender

Ampleforth Abbey is requesting tenders in order to procure an Architect-Led Design Team or teams for the Extending the Ampleforth Welcome project, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). The project will restore the Abbey Church and Monks’ Bridge, create a new ramped walkway in front of the Abbey Church, extend the Visitor Centre, design a new visitor access route, restore the Walker Organ and create new ways for additional visitors to engage with this important heritage site. The project is currently in the HLF development phase following the first round pass awarded in December 2016. The Ampleforth Abbey Project Board is now seeking to appoint a multi-disciplinary professional team to design and deliver the capital elements of the project.

The commission will be for the full project (RIBA Stages to 7); however, there will be a break clause at RIBA Stage 3, should the HLF Round 2 bid be unsuccessful. The Architect-Led Design Team will be required to produce and present all necessary reports and plans in both written and electronic format as required in connection with the project. As part of the appointment, the Architect-Led Design Team will transfer copyright of all documents, or grant irrevocable license for the use of all documents for use as required in conjunction with this project.

The Tender Brief is available from the HLF Project Manager, whose details are at the end of this document.

Project Timescales

The Design Team will be required to meet the following timescales of the project:

• October 2017 – Commence work on the project
• June 2018 – RIBA Stage 3 review and presentation to client and the HLF
• August 2018 – Completion of all required supporting documentation for inclusion in the HLF Round 2 submission
• September 2018 – the HLF Round 2 submission

Appointment Timescales

Proposals should be submitted by 5:00pm on Friday 6th October 2017. Completed Tender Proposals may be submitted electronically to or by post. If submitting via post, there should be no other business markings on the envelope other than the post mark. Please address the envelope ‘HLF Design Team Tender’ and send to the address below.

If you have any questions regarding this brief, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you

Kevin Kaley

Extending the Ampleforth Welcome
Ampleforth Abbey
YO62 4EN

01439 741104